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RECORD STORE DAY DISCOUNT! That's right! We may not sell records but our whole shop is all about music and lifestyle! Punk rock, post-punk, goth, metal, and rockabilly. We have the alternative fashions and accessories for all of you who don't conform to the mainstream way of life. So, therefore...we are offering a 13% DISCOUNT on April 22, 2017 when you come into CRASH BANG BOOM and show off your purchase from a local record store! There's some great ones right around us in the South Street area! Noise Pollution, Vinyl Alter, Digital Underground, and Repo Records! Don't want to forget some of our other friends at Sit and Spin Records, Creep Records and Long in the Tooth. They're not too close to us in proximity but great shops none the less! So, enjoy Record store day and enjoy the discount we too will be offering you!  Cheers! 


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