Special Effects Hair Dye

  • $ 1389

SPECIAL EFFECTS SEMI-PERMANENT INTENSE HAIR COLOR!  And intense they are!!... provided your hair has been bleached first:)   Here's some info from the manufacturers about the colors: Colors will be more intense and last longer on bleached hair. Colors will give a highlight to dark hair. Color fades gradually with each shampoo. Generally lasts 3-6 weeks. DIRECTIONS:  Shampoo hair without conditioner, then dry hair. Apply petroleum jelly around hairline and on ears. Wear plastic gloves to avoid staining hands. Empty desired amount into plastic bowl. (approx 1/2 bottle for short hair, 3/4 bottle for long hair). Apply evenly with a tint brush, just enough to saturate the hair. Do not apply to scalp. Comb through hair thoroughly and leave on for approx 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly away from face then shampoo as normal. 

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