Workin' the Bugs Out!

Posted by Rob Windfelder on

Testing, testing, ONE=TWO, test, test, test.  Just getting this new website up and running almost on the sly.  Want to make sure all the bugs are out. Some of the pages are still being crawled and not yet fully functioning on their own.  So if you have stumbled across this blog please know that things will keep getting smoother as time goes on. 

If you use the site's navigation system you will be able to access all of the pages just fine.  The individual pages are just not capable of functioning on their own when accessed directly through a search engine just yet.  But we are told that should be up to speed in a week or so.  As time crawls so does the web or so we are told.

Stef and I have been working on the new site for a while now and are looking to make everything about it as accessible to you as possible.  If you find any little glitches or snags DO NOT hesitate to bring this to our attention.  There is an "e-mail us" link on the footer of the homepage.

Starting from scratch on this has been quite the undertaking and I am more than sure that there are going to be a few tiny details that may be totally invisible to our tired eyes.  There is a spot on the footer of the home page for you to join our e-mail list, please do so and we will keep you aware of updates when we push this thing entirely out of the nest.  Keeping on the down-low till we are sure all is well, or as well as it can be when two imperfect human beings are at war with a world of machines.  ...well not really at war, but there have definitely been some battles and skirmishes along the way.  ;) 

So thank you so much for finding us, you stick with us, we stick with you, and all will be well.

Thanks again for your support,


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