Ordering/Shipping FAQ

All orders will be shipped via USPS within one to five business days, (that does not include Saturday and Sunday) depending on availability. Our SHIPPING AND HANDLING RATES ARE COMBINED. Rates are a combination of weight, shipping as per USPS and a small handling fee. Our rates are based on flat rate shipping but may not be shipped that way. Once you place your order, you are agreeing to these shipping terms. 

We are currently shipping orders to the Continental United States only. Feel free to e-mail us with any other inquiries. If you feel the need to have a specific question answered right away about any of the merchandise you have seen on this site, you can call us during our business hours at 215-928-1123. We always welcome a happy phone call regarding our merchandise!

*If you order an item that is currently out of stock we will email you to see if you want us to cancel the order and your money will be refunded or do a partial shipment. If it is an item that we can restock, we will email you and let you know approximately how long it will be to restock the item. All refunds will happen within 3 business days.

*If there is any issue with a method of payment and/or shipping address, we may ask you to confirm either or both of these issues. We would contact you via email for confirmation. If not confirmed within 3 business days of original email asking for confirmation (does not include Saturday or Sunday) your order will be cancelled and money will be refunded. 

*We accept credit cards and Paypal for payment of orders. We can and have made exceptions to our methods of payment when someone doesn't have the above mentioned. Money order is the only exception we might make. You would have to contact us ahead of time regarding an order with a money order as payment.