The Dead Milkmen at Crash Bang Boom Recap

Posted by Rob Windfelder on

Last night The Dead Milkmen performed live inside Crash Bang Boom!  We have been looking for ways all week to say "thank you" to YOU, our supporters who have been keeping us going for the past ten years. Last night turned out to be us trying to give you a gift but instead ending up on the receiving end right there with you as well. Our dear friends, The Dead Milkmen, gave us the best 10th Anniversary Gift any store has ever received. The show was energetic, and so giving, and the line between the show and the audience was absolutely indistinguishable. Audience members picked the set list out of a hat on the fly. The band being just as surprised as the crowd as to what was coming next. Acoustic instruments and no PA system increased the blur between the band and audience as well. Rodney Anonymous roamed freely through the hot crowded room singing to the top of his lungs between people as they sang along. What a neat night to be on South Street in Philly doing the things you are supposed to be doing on South Street in Philly. Great happy faces filled the room (way better than our air conditioner did), and we are so grateful to our dear friends Rodney, Joe Jack, Dean, and Dave for such a great night, and such a wonderful gift. We thought that we would be giving you a gift but we turned out to just be a middle man as we watched this great Philly band give their home town such an amazing offering, and we are so very happy to have been a part of it. Thank you Milkmen, thank you lucky audience members, thank you faithful supporters. Hope to see you all at Dobbs on Sunday for the giant 10th Anniversary where a huge cast of Philly bands and great faces will continue the celebration. 

- And it must be said, The show opened up with a short and extremely entertaining set by Hot Breakfast. Picture the position they were in. They are opening up for The Milkmen in a humble retail store, all the merchandise and racks are pushed up against the walls to make room for as many people as humanly possible. Everyone files in at 7pm and stands crunched together. Our air conditioner is pushing a boulder up hill blindfolded, doing its very best and really missing the mark. Hot Breakfast takes the floor and performs for this crowd that is waiting patiently in our very hospitable, yet not very comfortable "venue" ... and they totally knock it out of the park. Commanding full attention with their skill, humor, and wit, it was fun to watch the room so affixed as they closed their set with the most amazing rendition of Mr. Roboto that you are ever likely to hear.

In closing, as always, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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