Crash Bang Boom 10th Anniversary Recap

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So yesterday was the Crash Bang Boom 10th Anniversary Party at Dobb's on South Street. Such a great crew of people came out to the show, and quite the energetic bunch. The staff at Dobb's was very, very good to us and the whole feel of the thing was just awesome. Stefanie and I are here "Monday Morning Quarterbacking" talking about all the events that went down over the course of this past week and how cool everybody has been about everything, from our neighbors (no noise complaints, thanks) to friends, the bands that just killed yesterday and of course The Dead Milkmen.  We hope you had as much fun this week as we have. Here's to hoping that the rest of the summer stays on a high note! Keep in touch, keep stopping by, lets keep the ball rolling. This week seems to have been really good for the scene in general, pulling people together and it is a momentum that we should all work on continuing, Philly is a great town that we are always really proud of, let's make it as fun to live here as possible. Stay in touch, stay strong, stay connected, keep doing things, and keep us involved. And a gigantic thank you to EVERYONE!!!

Teenage Chainsaw. tight, crisp, energetic fun

Posers a great big blast of intense energy

Live Not On Evil w/ Rodney Anonymous (Dead Milkmen)... what can be said about Rodney that he hasn't already  said himself?  Just kidding, love this guy and having a chance to perform with such a good friend and co-conspirator.  PS: The crowd was giving SO much energy back to us, we didn't want it to ever end.

Severed, wow, as always intense, heavy, awesome

The Charlie Few -  nice classic strong punk rock from Billy and the boys

Fight Fuck or Dance - Can you actually call somebody a legend when they are still slaying you with great rock and roll? Another great set from another great Philly band,

Gash - Closed out the night totally with a great set that totally energized the crowd.  ...and LTK finally got a chance to get away from the door for a bit (Thanks again Lar).

DJ Melody Lee was spinning the hits in between sets, great faces all around the place, and a great time was had by all... especially us!

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