Having a presence

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  1. the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing.
    I speak for Stefanie when I am saying this because it is a no brainer, we both say this all the time, and you folks say it to us all the time. People always say to us "thanks so much for being here". On our end we are always saying the same thing "thank YOU so much for being here". We have a "presence" here on South Street because YOU have a "presence" here on South Street. YOU make this happen. We said it over and over again during our 10th Anniversary celebration, it was not a pat on our own backs, it was a show of gratitude to YOU. That being said there is a fashion show tonight and we would love it if you could be present.
    We did this show last year and it was awesome, it is so very cool when the business district treats people like adults and people act accordingly. Much like the Spring Festival (which is great), people talking to each other, connecting, maybe having a cocktail on the street without getting a hassle and not hassling anyone else. Just enjoying other people and having a fun reason to get together and make their presence felt.
    ...When we show up to "work" everyday on South Street and deal with all the random stuff, and parking, and changes, and who knows what's in store for you that day, sometimes you are tempted to loose track of all the great effort that goes into making South Street something that is present on a tourist's bucket list when they have the pleasure of coming to Philadelphia. There are hundreds of people just like me and Stef that put their hearts and souls into being present on South Street every single day. Tonight these co-conspirators get a night in the spotlight, and a very well deserved one. If you are free, or close by, or in the mood to go out of your way, please think about stopping by 2nd and Pine at 7pm tonight for the annual South Street Head House district runway fashion show. We would love to feel your presence there. It is not an obligation, I promise it will be a treat. And thanks again for the chance to be here.

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